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The Department was first established in 1997 to cultivate nurses who will be able to cope with the rapid advances in medical and health care, as well as the recent progress of nursing technology brought about in modern medical science. It is also hoped that they will be trained with not only highly disciplined professional skill and knowledge, but also have a well-rounded personality.

Parallel to the general education courses, the practical primary training in the fundamental theory of nursing starts later in the first year and through the second year at the Department of Nursing and subsequent clinical training is carried out mainly at Nagoya University Hospital on the Tsurumai Campus, and at other public health centers in the third and fourth years.

All graduates are qualified for the National Examination for Nurse Registration, and Public Health Nurse Registration.

The optional Course of Midwifery curriculum consists of lectures and clinical training at the fourth year of studies. Lectures (6 Units) are given on all aspects of maternity care, midwifery, child care (including care of premature babies) and family planning. They comprise a minimum of 6 weeks training in hospital clinics and wards.

On successful completion of this curriculum, students are eligible to take the National Examination for Registered Midwives.

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