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   Department of Physical and Occupational Therapy
   Physical and occupational therapies have become recognized as a comprehensive health care, which supports positive life stage transitions of patients and their families. They include treatments and interventions in hospitals, health care facilities and community. Both therapies cover interventions during acute and recovery stages of diseases, at rehabilitation in society, and at all stages of life. Recent aged society in Japan requires systematic approaches of rehabilitation, such as preventive health care, supports for physical, mental and social environments. Our Department of Rehabilitation aims to train and nurture leading therapists, highly professional specialists with highly advanced professional knowledge for patients/clients in all ages. We also promote high-quality researches internationally renowned in the fields of health, as well as physical and occupational therapies.
Physical Therapy
   The Division of Physical Therapy offers opportunities to conduct excellence in research and to receive professional education with outstanding faculties of physical therapy. Excellence in research includes basic and clinical research to maintain high quality of life in patients with disease and disability, impaired body structures and functions or a deterioration in physical capabilities. To achieve this, foundations to support high quality physical therapy shall be built by promoting basic research to pathophysiologically clarify causing mechanisms of functional limitations in the development of functional disorders together with aggressively promoting clinical research to explore worsening factors, improve impairments effectively, maintain the functionality, and prevent reoccurrence of disease or impairment. Furthermore, we endeavor to promote interactions actively with other departments of Nagoya University and other overseas academic/research teams to train and nurture human resources who can promote international standard research and mentor younger generation.
Occupational Therapy
   The Division of Occupational Therapy combines excellence in teaching for occupational therapy with clinical and basic researches. We deliver high quality doctoral education, which cover full range of current practice in occupational therapy for clients with physical dysfunction, mental disorder, developmental disorder and of all stages of life. We also provides students expertise in clinical and social activities in occupational therapy, including evaluation of disability, development and assessment of intervention for daily living and social adaptation. We prioritize education for men of talent in the fields of occupational therapy, who will be leaders in international and interdisciplinary researches, as well as experts in occupational therapy who will be nationally and internationally recognized.
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