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The department fosters professional nurses who can practice holistic nursing based on human dignity, contributes to health care, looks for well-qualified educators and researchers in the future, and then aims to develop nursing science. All graduates are qualified for the National Examination for Nurse Registration, and students who choose and complete an optional course are qualified for the National Examination for Public Health Nurse Registration.

Understand of human reactions towards health issues
Learn about the mechanisms of health disorders, relationships between humans and the environment, and nursing processes.

Human reactions towards health issues and nursing
Learn about nursing through lectures and practice so that patients live a quality of life in families, communities, and health care systems.

Ability to develop high professional nursing and future nursing
Learn about high professional nursing research.

The department consists of four units: Nursing for Fundamentals and care system, Nursing for Advanced Practice, Nursing for Next Generation, and Nursing for Community-based Integrated Care. Nursing for Fundamentals and care system focuses on human understanding and knowledge of the practice, concept of nursing, nursing process, physical assessment, communication skills, nursing care, and nursing administration. Nursing for Advanced Practice covers nursing care for adult patients in acute, recovery, chronic, and end-of-life periods and people with mental disabilities. Nursing for Next Generation specializes in nursing care for children and their families and offers expertise in women’s health and nursing care for pregnancy and delivery periods. Nursing for Community-based Integrated Care aims to maintain and develop the health of the whole community, including not only individuals and families but also groups and organizations, provide nursing care for patients and elderly people at home, and focus on healthcare activities and welfare systems.

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